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This future noir painting is currently a work in progress. I was inspired after reading the Philip K Dick book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ (Also known as the film ‘Blade Runner’) & UBIK and really wanted to create a piece of artwork that reflected my love of Future Noir and Sci-fi in general.

Although this self initiated project has been put on the back burner due to my current workload, I do intend to see it through! The project began with some sketches which i then refined in Illustrator. I then began to collect photography of people and materials, painting using my wacom tablet and occasionally overlaying a texture or two. The concept/scene for the final artwork intended to feature the main character making a serious decision, while her husband sits slumped in a chair across the room, city lights glowing in a gloomy cityscape beyond them.

Project Image

Work in progress